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We have temporarily suspended our veterinary care grant program. Please visit our Resources page for more help.

Keeping families together

Compassion Animal Project is a nationwide nonprofit that provides financial assistance for life-saving treatments for pets.

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Imagine a world where finances are never a determining factor in our pets’ health and survival

Our pets are an integral part of our family. When a family member needs emergency, critical care, or specialized veterinary care, a family shouldn't have to question whether they can afford it.

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No more unnecessary goodbyes

Too often, a pet’s parent feels they have no option other than to euthanize their pet because of their financial circumstances. Left to grieve an insurmountable loss, they often experience shame for their decision and inability to afford treatment. Compassion Animal Project unleashes hope for families when they need it most.

Our work saves lives

A deep compassion for families and a love for all animals is why we do this. Your help is how we do it. When approved, recipients are eligible to receive grants that cover up to 80% of treatment costs. 

Saving pets' lives

Lessening the financial burden on families
Reducing compassion fatigue for veterinary staff
Distributing pet food in communities through Pop-Up Pantries
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 How it works 

Success stories

Hear from some of our furry friends (well, their parents) and their experience with Compassion Animal Project.


Ending economic euthanasia

Each year, half a million pet owners and their veterinarians face the gut-wrenching decision of economic euthanasia for a beloved companion due to the high cost of life-saving procedures.

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Become a partner

To Keep Families Together, Compassion Animal Project partners with top veterinary hospital groups and independently-owned referral centers. Our partners include Ethos Veterinary Health, PetVet Care Centers, Thrive Pet Healthcare, United Veterinary Care, and independently-owned referral centers.

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