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5 Ways to Support Animal Welfare Organizations Without Spending Money

They are certainly times when donating monetarily to your favorite animal welfare organization (or any nonprofit organization for that matter) just isn’t possible. We understand this. The good news is, is that there are plenty of other ways that you can help support us without spending a cent. Today we’ll go over 5 ideas to consider!

Interact on social media. For every like, follow, share, react, and comment, we are extremely grateful! This interaction on social media helps boost visibility and allows content to be seen within the ever-changing algorithm.

Start a fundraiser. Raising funds doesn’t always mean it has to come from your own wallet. Speak passionately to your friends, family, and even local businesses about the organization you believe in, and try and raise funds! Many individuals use their birthday or another special occasion to raise funds on behalf of an organization that is close to their heart.

Donate used items or hold a drive. Is your local animal shelter in need of towels and you just so happen to have a few too many in your closet? What about the wildlife rehabilitation center right around the corner in need of linens? Many organizations with physical locations are looking for donations that you might already have lying around the house! Holding a drive to collect these needed items is another idea if you don’t have anything to give.

Volunteer. Your time and enthusiasm are just as valuable as donations. If you’ve found that you have a few extra hours to make a commitment, consider volunteering! With many opportunities ranging from hands-on help with cleaning and chores to organizations like ours that appreciate administrative assistance done virtually, there is always a way to get involved!

Spread the word. Last, but certainly, not least is using your voice to help spread the word. The more people who know about the organization means more awareness and support by engaging new supporters! Using your social media platforms, and sharing information with your coworkers and community members are just a couple of ways to share the mission of your favorite organization…and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Whether you’re able to donate $5 or $500 OR choose one of these ways that don’t cost anything, nonprofit organizations appreciate any and all support. So thank you!


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