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Compassion Story Series

Compassion Animal Project is about turning compassion into action.

Having gone through the expensive treatments for our beloved Rag-doll Lynx, Charlie, we started to understand that not everyone has the resources to do the same. My husband and I were fortunate that we could afford the cancer removal in Charlie’s leg as soon as we detected it, and an eventual amputation of his front leg. Not only was it emotionally brutal, the financial commitment was immense. Yet, our ability to fund Charlie’s care gave us another meaningful year together - an opportunity to appreciate the little fellow every single minute of those extra twelve months. Our ability to afford the treatment he needed gave us more days with his joyful smiles and big purrs.

Learning more about Compassion Animal Project opened our eyes to the sad reality of economic euthanasia. The Project’s financial support for in-need and thoroughly vetted pet owners leads to one of those magical win-win-win moments; a beloved pet gets a second chance at life and a family stays together.

We are grateful to be able to turn our compassion into action through our gift. We know our donation will be delivered to a family in need during a time when money should be the least of their worries. Health - especially the health of our pets tops everything, always.

Ricarda and Christian R.

Mom and Dad to Charlie, Laffy and Layla

Compassion Animal Project Donors

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