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Custom Pet Artwork (That You Might Not Have Heard of!)

Paintings by Maria Arias (Left) and Kelly Jo Shows (Right)

If you’re pet obsessed like we are, there’s a good chance that you might already have artwork made of your pet. Whether it is to serve as a memorial for a pet who has passed or simply is a way to honor your best friend who’s still walking beside you, today we want to share 5 different artists who can capture all of your pet’s quirks and personalities through various mediums of art.

Stained glass pet portrait by KB Glasswork

Stained glass is a well loved art form throughout the decades and now KB Glasswork is using this medium to create pet portraits as well!

Connect with the artist: Facebook + Instagram: @KBGlasswork

Beaded portrait by Senajewen

Senajewen is an Indigenous owned business (Citizen Potawatomi Nation) that creates stunning handmade jewelry and artwork made from beads, including these incredible custom pet portraits. Connect with the artist:

Facebook: @senajewen

Instagram: @senajewen

Custom origami by Jacob Stebleton

Jacob Stebleton creates intricate custom origami- including your pets!

Sculptured pet portraits by Carla Owen

Carla Owen creates jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind pet portraits!

Connect with the Artist: Etsy:

Paw Print Sculpture by Fabricated Notions

You’ve probably seen paw prints made from ink or clay; however, Fabricated Notions takes this one step further and gives an extra sense of personality with this custom paw print sculpture.


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