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Introducing Compassion Animal Project

A nationwide non-profit providing financial assistance for life-saving treatments for pets and helping keep families together.

Take a moment and really try to imagine a world where no family ever lets finances be a determining factor in their pet's health and wellbeing. Can you imagine a world like that? What does it look like for you? What does it look like for your pets? At some point in our lives, many of us have either had finances play a role in our decision making process or have known someone who it has affected. We wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves and tell you how we plan to make an impact. We are the Compassion Animal Project (CAP), a nationwide, donor-funded, non-profit organization that provides financial assistance for life-saving treatments for pets which helps keep families together.

Our mission is this: through donations from compassionate individuals and organizations, we keep families together longer. We facilitate grants to loving pet owners who require financial assistance to avoid economic euthanasia for their pets in their time of need when faced with needing emergency/critical care and/or specialized medical care.

So, how does it work? Compassion Animal Project partners with major veterinary referral centers in the top cities in the US to provide financial assistance to qualifying clients needing either emergency/critical care or specialized care. After passing Compassion Animal Project’s case requirements and criteria, Compassion Animal Project offers grants to qualified pet owners to help cover the cost of the care needed. As a 100% donor-funded, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Compassion Animal Project is committed to keeping our overhead and operating costs as low as possible so that we can offer support quickly to as many families as possible and be responsible and responsive stewards of our donors’ generous contributions.

In the upcoming months we’ll take you along on our journey. We’ll show you the impact your support will make through success stories, photos, and videos of families, and we’ll also be sharing relevant resources, and topics that come along with being a pet owner. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok so you don’t miss a thing!

Thank you for being here as we unleash hope together.


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