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Success Story: Caera

“Money can be made again, and debt can be paid. Caera is a part of our family, and we couldn’t give up on her.” - Carrie A.

Caera is a rapid-fire kisser, a professional tail thumper, and looks fabulous in a sun hat. Her parents, Carrie and Alex, describe her as playful, loving, and friendly with every living creature, loved by everyone she meets.

No matter how careful we are to keep our pets safe and healthy, it only takes a split second for an accident to happen.

On October 29th, Carrie and Alex heard tires squeal, the violent crash of metal meeting bone, and Caera’s cries. As traffic stopped, Caera’s parents scooped her up, wrapped her in a blanket, and rushed her to the emergency vet clinic.

Caera was bleeding heavily from what seemed like everywhere. She had lacerations from nose to tail, bruised lungs, internal bleeding, a dislocated hip, and possible brain damage. Carrie and Alex weren’t sure if their sweet girl would be “in there” anymore. They asked to see Caera and say their final goodbyes. Sweet Caera looked them in the eyes and began to wag her tail, her whole face lighting up. It was then that Carrie and Alex knew they couldn’t give up on their girl.

After stabilizing her at the emergency vet, Caera was transferred to our vet partner Hope Advanced Veterinary Center in Vienna, Virginia. There, we were able to help her get the surgery she desperately needed for her left hip. Not only could we get her bill discounted by 25%, but Caera’s family also received a Compassion Animal Project grant!

While she continues to recover, Caera gets to heal at home with her family because of the support of our generous donors. Each gift makes it possible for loving pet owners to bring their fur babies home - keeping families together!


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