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World Pet Memorial Day

June 14th was World Pet Memorial Day. The root of our very mission is to keep families together because we know that our pets are our family. What we also know is that with the tremendous love they bring into our lives comes tremendous loss when they pass. Our team knows this pain first hand. This year we decided to create an online space for our community to share their beloved pets who have passed. We were overwhelmed with the response we received. We were touched to have 25 folks share their family member with us, and we know there are so many others out there who might not be at the stage where they feel comfortable sharing- or the pain is far too great. To those who shared photos, and to those who silently continue to mourn the loss (even years later) please know we join you in celebrating their lives. One thing that became clear was how important it is to have a space like this for our community, so today, we share that World Pet Memorial Page has been changed to a permanent Pet Memorial Page. We encourage you to take a moment to scroll through these photos and recognize the love within their eyes, and if the time should come that you or a friend/family member would like to memorialize a pet who has passed, that you remember this welcoming space as an option to share their photo and a memory or a few words.


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