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Our Partners
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Partnering with us is a WIN for everyone!

Our Partners:

Compassion Animal Project partners with many of the top veterinary hospital groups as well as independently-owned referral centers. Our partners currently include: Compassion-First Specialty + ER medicine, PetVet Care Centers, Thrive Pet Healthcare, United Veterinary Care, and independently-owned referral centers.

Click on a heart to view our Vet Partner's location and to visit their website!

Compassion-First Specialty + ER Medicine

PetVet Care Centers

Thrive Pet Healthcare

United Veterinary Care

Independently Owned

"Your compassion for animals is the reason you became a veterinarian. It’s why you do what you do every day. As a vet, I felt helpless each time a patient had to be euthanized for economic reasons. Now finally, there’s a solution to this crisis that benefits both your practice, your patients, and their families. I urge you to join our mission to save the most pets".

—  Dr. Rand Wachsstock

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