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Apply for Help.

If your veterinarian suggested Compassion Animal Project, your pet may be a candidate for a grant. 

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We are currently accepting applications from clients receiving care at our partner hospitals. Click here to view the list of our partners.

If you are a veterinarian, download the vet form here.

What you will need:

Get from your vet:

1. A signed estimate for proposed      treatment plan

2. Veterinary records and imaging

3. Completed Vet Form

Gather these:

4. Current bank statements *

5. Your most recent W2 and         payroll stub *

6. A photo of your pet

Provide status for:

7. CareCredit agreement *

8. ScratchPay agreement *

9. GoFundMe account


10. CAP Financial

       Assistance Application

* If you are currently receiving state and/or federal aid such as food stamps or medicaid you will not need to submit these items.

Step 1

Apply for CareCredit and ScratchPay, and accept at least 20% of the full amount that is offered. Create a GoFundMe account.

Step 2

Ask your veterinarian to download and complete the Vet Form. Collect it as well as the medical record and a signed estimate for your visit. Then proceed to Step 3. 

Step 3

Complete the CAP Financial Assistance Application using the link below and upload all required supporting documents.

To apply, complete the three steps below.

Need help applying?

If you still have trouble applying, email all necessary documents to


Once your application and all supporting materials have been received, your grant will be reviewed quickly, and you can expect a decision in less than 12 hours. Applications submitted after hours may take a bit longer.


Please note that only completed applications including all necessary supporting materials can be processed and considered for approval.


All applications will be reviewed, but approval is not guaranteed. Even if your application is approved, the full cost of care may not be covered.

Terms and Conditions

1.  All pets that receive grants from Compassion Animal Project (CAP) must be spayed or neutered. If a pet is not already spayed or neutered, it will       typically be performed at the time of the desired surgical procedure. If it cannot be performed at the time of treatment, the owner must agree to       have their pet spayed or neutered within a reasonable timeframe based on their pet’s health. This will be performed at the owner’s expense and       is not covered by the grant from CAP.

2.  Funds are paid directly to the treating veterinary hospital or clinic.


3. Veterinarians who provide services must provide at least a 25% discount for CAP cases.


4. All orthopedic surgeries must be performed by a board-certified surgeon.


5. Recipients of CAP grants agree to allow CAP to use their story, photo, likeness, and video in perpetuity to promote CAP’s mission.

6. Recipients are asked to do whatever possible to help CAP save other family’s pets. This includes but is not limited to signing up for a monthly             donation, volunteering, and/or participating in special events. Recipients agree to allow CAP to send them communications that include but are 
     not limited to general information, upcoming events, and fundraising campaigns. Recipients may withdraw their consent at any time through
     the unsubscribe link.


7. CAP strongly encourages all grantees to consider pet insurance.

Please note any approved credit from outside sources will need to be utilized towards any tests for diagnosing and/or treating your pet prior to applying for grants from CAP. CAP cannot always provide the funding to cover the entire cost for all necessary procedures, and strongly recommends reaching out to other organizations, family, and friends to secure additional donations for your pet as well.

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Create your fundraiser for Compassion Animal Project.
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