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Our team

While Compassion Animal Project is all about saving animals' lives, none of it would be possible without these humans.

2 people standing in the road with their dog

At Compassion Animal Project our team is guided by these core principles to drive our mission forward

Compassion= Empathy + Action.

We believe in compassion as a verb. Our team knows the heartbreak of losing a loved pet; these shared experiences make us uniquely attuned to the pet parents we serve. We use this shared understanding to fuel the work being done to keep families together.

Family > Finances

Our pets are family. We’ve felt the grief of wanting to do everything to save them and not having the resources to do it. We support under-resourced families with increased sensitivity to the current unprecedented economic challenges. In simplest terms, life-saving care for our pets should be accessible regardless of how little money we may have.

Community is Key

It takes a village to raise a child, four-legged ones included! So we provide a support network of loving pet parents, the best veterinary hospitals, caring volunteers, and generous donors. The collective impact of this community allows us to save the most pets.

Data Matters

We rely on quantitative and qualitative feedback from our veterinary partners and the pet parents we serve. This data ensures better service delivery and shares a more statistically accurate picture of economic euthanasia, which has historically lacked. This drives our commitment to continuous quality improvement, measuring results, and sharing this information publicly with stakeholders in the veterinary industry and beyond.

The humans behind our work

Our current pets & co-workers

Remembering those that inspired compassion animal project

All of us at CAP have lost family members sooner than we wanted. That’s why we work to keep families together longer.

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