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Our programs



Emergency, critical care & specialized care grants 

Our grant program matches loving pet parents with funds to help pay for their pet’s lifesaving medical care. Saving more pets means keeping families together and decreasing the chronic toxic stress veterinarians and their staff experience while caring for our loved pets. 

Lessening the financial burden on families

We review grant applications based on factors such as income, employment, household size, geographic location, and the pet's condition and estimate of costs. Although government programs often define low income as 200% of the poverty line, we expand our reach to approve applicants with incomes of less than 400% of the national poverty line. 

Our nationwide veterinary partners are strong allies in supporting more families and saving pets in need through their commitment to discounting services by up to 25%. This allows us to stretch dollars further for the families with pets that need our help the most. 

Most families receive financial assistance of up to 80% of the proposed treatment cost.

Determinations are made in as little as
30 minutes most of the time.

After submitting their application,
9 out of 10 pet parents are approved for a grant.

Reducing compassion fatigue for veterinary staff

Veterinary medicine faces one of the most severe job shortages in decades, with up to 75 million pets at risk of losing access to veterinary care by 2030. This is no surprise when you consider the toxic stress they face each day. With a suicide rate 2.4x higher than the general public, our organization aims to save loved pets and reduce compassion fatigue for the veterinary staff who care for our pets like their own. 


We give our veterinary hospital partners the opportunity to say “YES!” to pets whose only barrier to survival is finances. Through our partnership, veterinarians and their staff can focus on doing the work they love - saving pets and keeping families together.

Vet prepares a golden retreiver for surgery

Because data matters

We collect demographic information to evaluate any potential inequities in how we carry out our mission and issue follow-up surveys to our pet parents and veterinary partners to evaluate their experience, ensuring we continually evolve our practices.


Data collection on economic euthanasia has not been standardized nationally in previous years. To bridge the gap in available nationwide data, we collaborated with the University of Tennessee’s Program for Pet Health Equity to develop a survey tool that measures our program's impact. 


pop-up pet food pantries

Nearly one-third of pet parents worry about being able to feed their pets because of financial stressors. In a study conducted by PetSmart Charities, pet parents identified the use of pet food pantries as a strategy that enabled them not to surrender their pets. With pet food identified as the second most expensive aspect of pet ownership, our pop-up pet food pantries help loving pet parents ensure their pets get the nutrients they need. No loving pet parent should ever have to consider surrendering their pet because of food insecurity.

image of dog, Champagne, wearing a coat on skid row in LA


Resident of Skid Row, Los Angeles

Distributing pet food In communities through Pop-Up Pantries

To keep families together, we partner with national companies to distribute pet food in communities nationwide. Our quarterly Compassion Pop-Up Pet Food Pantry moves nationwide, handing out 6,000-20,000 pounds of pet food at a time. You can find us in the parking lot of one of our partnering veterinary hospitals or on the streets of Skid Row, partnering with community organizations to ensure our pet parents most in need receive nutritious and high-quality pet food. Since launching, our pantries have provided over 100,000 meals for hungry pets. 

Some of our sponsors include:

Hills food shelter love
brutus bone broth
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CAPpy Hour flyer with images of cats & dogs partying

CAPpy Hour: providing a network of support for pet parents 

CAPpy Hour is hosted quarterly to provide a place for our loving pet parents, our veterinary hospital partners, caring volunteers, and generous donors to come together. We know it takes a village to raise a child, four-legged ones and feathered ones included! These virtual get-togethers feature updates on pets we’ve helped save and allow pet parents to get to know our team and learn more about our work. CAPpy Hour offers the opportunity for pet parents to ask questions during our Ask The Vet segments and, most of all, have fun while connecting with fellow pet parents.


Rumor has it, CAPpy Hour never ends without at least a few guest appearances from our dogs, cats, ferrets, and the like.

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