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Vet partners

We've built a network of veterinarians that allow us to keep families together across the country. 


Our partners

Compassion Animal Project partners with many of the top veterinary hospital groups as well as independently-owned referral centers. Our partners currently include: Ethos Veterinary Health, PetVet Care Centers, Thrive Pet Healthcare, United Veterinary Care, and independently-owned referral centers.

map of where partners of Compassion Animal Project are located

CAP Partner(s) Here

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Dr. Rand Wachsstock embracing his dog

"Your compassion for animals is the reason you became a veterinarian. It’s why you do what you do every day. As a vet, I felt helpless each time a patient had to be euthanized for economic reasons. Now finally, there’s a solution to this crisis that benefits both your practice, your patients, and their families. I urge you to join our mission to save the most pets".

—  Dr. Rand Wachsstock

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