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15 Ideas to Memorialize Your Pet

June 14th is recognized as World Pet Memorial Day. Honoring the life of a pet who has passed not only memorializes the love and life you’ve shared, but it can also aid while you navigate grief. After the heartbreaking passing of a beloved animal, man vet offices will send families home with a final remembrance gift- a paw print, fur clipping, or card. Chewy is even known for sending pet owners paintings or flowers when they learn of a pet’s passing! Finding the best way to memorialize your pet has many factors and only you will be able to choose the best one that feels right for you- remember, there is no “right” way to grieve, nor does it have a definitive timeline. Today we will share a list of ideas on ways to honor the life of a family member who has left all too soon.

-Custom portrait clothing or tote bag

Keep your loved one close to you wherever you go with an item of clothing or tote bag with their sweet face on it! This sweatshirt is by

-Write an obituary

-Have artwork created from your pet's ashes

EverAfter uses the "molecular make up of your pet’s ashes to create one-of-a-kind artwork that will warm your heart every time you look at it." To learn more, click here.

-DIY paw print ornament

To make your very own paw print ornament, all you need is salt, white flower, and water. Click here to read the full instructions.

-Donate in their honor

Consider making a donation to the rescue you got them from, or your local shelter.

-Get a tattoo

This portrait was created by Dre Li at Electric Feels Studio based in Dallas, TX. You can view more of her work by visiting her instagram:

-Spread ashes at a special or favorite place

-Memorial garden or stone

Custom stone by sjengraving on Etsy

-Write a letter to your pet

-Get a custom portrait

Oil Painting by Kelly Jo Shows

-Create a bucket list for your pet

-Custom wind chime

-Celebration of life or funeral

-Custom coloring book page

-Plant a tree with your pet’s ashes

For more info on this product:

-Custom sculpted nose pendant

In what ways have you honored your pet's life? Did you do one of these ideas? Please feel free to share with us. Plus, keep an eye out on June 14th as we have something special we are doing to memorialize these special lives.


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