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5 Photos to Take with Your Dog

Looking for a way to capture the love you have for your pup? Maybe the thought of coming up with different poses doesn’t come easily or you feel awkward in front of the camera. We’re here to share a few poses and prompts to help you take a photo with your dog that is worth more than a million words!

1. The classic smile. Kneel beside your pup, and if they don’t mind the affection, throw an arm around them!

2. Embrace the face licks. Even with the doggy-smelling breath and slobber, a sweet memory to capture can a moment where you give in to the inevitable face licks! By doing this, lots of smiles and silly moments are sure to ensue.

3. Treats galore! One of the tricks to getting “the shot” is lots and lots of treats! Don’t be shy in snagging a photo or two of that tasty moment.

4. Camera shy? Whether it’s you or your dog, looking off into the distance (or maybe just at a squirrel) works just as well!

5. Don’t forget the details. A foolproof and very sweet shot can be as simple as holding their paw in your hand.

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What is your go-to pose with your pup?


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