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A Ferret First!

Updated: Sep 19

Meet Zoe, one of our Compassion Animal Project grant recipients!

In the back, past the dog toys and food, catnip, and kitty litter, you’ll find Petco's “Small Pet” section. Zoe’s family first laid eyes on her in this out-of-the-way pet store section. It wasn’t long before this mischievous ferret burrowed her way into their hearts. Her playful energy earned her the nickname “Ermpy,” after the sound she makes while excitedly playing with her family.

One day, Zoe was found limping and avoiding putting weight on her leg. When taken to the vet, it was discovered that somehow Zoe fractured her tibia. The surgery she would need to repair it was more than her family could afford. Our partner, Veterinary Referral Associates, connected Zoe’s mom to us. After completing her application, we approved Zoe’s mom for a grant to help cover the surgery needed to repair her tibia!

“The moment I read the notice, I was filled with happiness and joy, knowing she won't have to suffer any longer,” shared Zoe’s mom. Now, Zoe is back to happily jumping around and spending time with her family!

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