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Getting Winnie Well

You don't expect to bring home a precious puppy and worry they won't make it to their first birthday. That is just the position Winnie's family found themselves in.

At just 16 weeks old, with her kind eyes and sweet puppy kisses, Winnie had already left paw prints on the hearts of everyone who met her. "She is part of our family, and we can't imagine life without her," says Winnie's mom.

When they noticed she often seemed wet, even though she hadn't appeared to potty, it was time to take her to the vet to check this strange symptom. After being examined by our partner, Veterinary Referral Associates, Winnie's family learned she had an Ectopic Ureter.

This means Winnie was born with her ureter in the wrong position.

Winnie's family was devastated to hear the surgery would cost more than they could afford until the veterinarian told them about our grants. We quickly approved the surgery she needed!

Now, Winnie is home with her family, back to giving out her sweet puppy kisses.


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