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Honey, She's Home!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

We celebrate our latest grant recipient, sweet Honey. This beautiful, ten-month-old pitbull mix with warm brown eyes and the cutest tan eye patch has always been a happy pup. Honey is an avid bird-chaser, loves to run, and can't resist a good roll in the grass.

As Honey, her two dog siblings, and their mom sat in the living room watching television Saturday evening, Honey's mom couldn't make sense of the loud noise she heard. As Honey began crying, her mom saw blood running everywhere from her front leg.

Honey was rushed to our veterinary partner, Veterinary Referral Associates, where it was determined that her best chance of recovery was to amputate her leg. Honey's mom would later learn an upstairs neighbor had been cleaning their gun when it went off, passed through Honey's ceiling striking her in her front leg.

After a successful amputation with our help and so much love from the entire team at VRA, Honey went home with her mom to rest and recuperate. Thankfully, dogs are amazingly resilient, and while she may be missing a leg, she won't miss out on any fun!

We're so glad Honey is healthy and at home.


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