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Marilyn Meownroe, an Icon

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Marilyn Meownroe is as special as the celebrity she’s named after. This curious cat loves to play fetch with hair ties (when she’s in the mood) and watching (more like scaring) birds and chipmunks who come by the window.

Marilyn was adopted from a neglectful home and lacked proper socialization, so her owner, Tessa is proud of how trusting she has become. The two often go for walks outside and the ‘Queen of the Castle’ – as Tessa often calls her, gets free range of the house. A talkative greeting awaits Tessa when she comes home from work and it’s the highlight of her day.

After a few coughing fits, Marilyn was brought to the vet where it was discovered she had asthma and dental disease. Left untreated, the latter of which can worsen and have detrimental effects on the feline’s immune system.

Prior to receiving a Compassion Animal Project grant, Tessa had been working back-to-back 13-hour shifts to help pay for Marilyn’s care and felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders once she was approved.

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