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Meet Classy Cleo!

For years, every step Cleo took was painful. She suffered from luxating patellas, a condition where her kneecaps don’t stay in place. Sadly, no one ever helped her or fixed them — that is, until Amy and Compassion Animal Project came into Cleo’s life.

Amy adopted Cleo from the @ASPCA following the loss of her sister to a five-year battle with ALS. Cleo became a source of joy and warmth for Amy during a very dark time and has been that for her ever since. When she adopted Cleo, Amy worked tirelessly to help Cleo’s knees, even trying regenerative therapy treatments. Unfortunately, Cleo’s condition worsened, and she tore both of her cranial cruciate ligaments, requiring Cleo to undertake three surgeries to reach a point of comfort.

Amy spent thousands of dollars on Cleo’s first two surgeries, and by the time they realized that she would require a third, Amy had already gone through her savings entirely. She was heartbroken, knowing that Cleo may not be able to gain the quality of life that Amy had hoped for. But then, her veterinarian told her about our Compassion Animal Project veterinary care grants!

After consulting with Amy’s veterinarian and your generous donations, we provided Amy with the funding she needed to pay for Cleo’s final surgery.

According to Amy, “We were lucky (and incredibly grateful!) to hear of Compassion Animal Project, who made it possible for us to afford this last surgery.” The love Amy and Cleo have for one another is unbreakable, and we are touched by the lengths Amy has gone to give Cleo the quality of life she deserves!


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