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Miracle Mary

Updated: Jan 19

Mary, the joyous explorer, is often affectionately called "Little Explorer" by her dad, Nathan.

Mary's zest for life is unparalleled. From frolicking on sandy beaches to navigating the gentle waves on boat days, this adventurous soul explores little islands and dense woods. A regular at the local dog park, Mary's enthusiasm knows no bounds, and she delights in the company of other dogs and any creatures she comes across. Her infectious happiness extends to meeting new people, a gesture marked by a gentle head bump when seeking affection.

Mary's journey into Nathan's life began when she was just a few weeks old. Plucked from a household where she struggled to find harmony with a pit bull, Mary found solace and a loving home with Nathan.

To Nathan, Mary is not just a pet; she's family, a cherished child. Since those early weeks of companionship, Mary and Nathan have forged an unbreakable bond, sharing the highs and lows of life.

Their idyllic days took an unexpected turn over the course of three days. Mary's refusal of her usual dry food led to a switch to wet food. Unusual fatigue set in the following day, accompanied by increased water consumption. By the third day, a noticeable fever heightened concerns, prompting an immediate visit to Suncoast Veterinary. Mary was diagnosed with Pyometra, a life-threatening infection of the uterus, and would need surgery immediately.

Hope materialized in the form of the Compassion Animal Project Grant. It was a lifeline, ensuring Mary received the urgent care she desperately needed. The skilled hands at Suncoast Veterinary Hospital, coupled with the support provided by the grant, transformed a dire situation into a tale of triumph. To Nathan, it felt like an angel had intervened, saving their beloved Mary and preserving the bond that makes every moment together a cherished memory.


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