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More than Cheeks!

Chewy may be all CHEEKS, but it was his right eye that stole the show shortly after his mom and dad brought him home. Diagnosed with entropion, a severe and painful eye condition, Chewy would need surgery or risk blindness at just sixteen months old!

Chewy was adopted by his mom and dad, Tammy and Scott when he was just 16 months old. To them, he was perfect and just so happened to be born on their wedding anniversary and Tammy's daughter's birthday. It was meant to be! However, just one month after bringing Chewy home, Tammy noticed something wasn't right with one of his eyes. The vet told Chewy's parents he suffered from entropion, a serious issue that can lead to blindness. After going through multiple rounds of medication, it was clear Chewy needed surgical help. Tammy knew she would do whatever it took to help Chewy, but the price of surgery was way out of budget.

Luckily, Tammy found us, and we were able to fund Chewy's optical surgery. Now, Chewy is healed and living his best life. And his parents have many more years to stare into his gorgeous green eyes! Since meeting him, we constantly ask Tammy, Chewy's mom, for updated pictures so we can squeal over his cheeks, eyes, and nose in every team meeting.


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