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Nala's story

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Meet beautiful Nala and her golden locks!

She loves her walks through the neighborhood and is the best big sister to her two human siblings, Taylor and Josh, and her puppy brother Beau! Nala is a protective, caring, sweet, loving girl who has seen her pet parents through dating, marriage, and two children. She truly completes their family.

Nala's mom had been working from their home office when she could hear her getting into something downstairs. Nala had devoured sugar-free gum. At first, nobody panicked. Nala had eaten plenty of things she shouldn't have in the past without consequence. But, in less than 10 minutes, Nala started vomiting and collapsed.

After calling poison control, Nala's parents rushed her to the emergency vet, who acted fast to save her life. Our hospital partner, Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists, kept Nala overnight for three days - regulating and monitoring her levels - getting her well.

While xylitol may be sweet, unexpectedly expensive emergency veterinary care isn't! Thankfully, Nala's parents were introduced to us and were approved for a grant within minutes. Now, Nala is back home where she belongs - with Mom and Dad, Taylor and Josh, and Beau!


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