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Peek-a-Boo! It's Jade!

This big-eared pup is named Jade – though she’s more likely to listen if you call her Boo Boo. She was rescued at a very stressful point in her owner’s life and while dogs can be a handful, Boo Boo helped them hold it together. The two often cuddled on the couch together in the evenings with Boo Boo’s head resting in her owner’s lap as if to say, ‘I’m right here for you’.

Boo Boo loves to spend her days riding in the car with the windows down – snoot stretched out to smell the air while the breeze runs through her fur. A cranberry bog is her favorite place to run around since she can do so with no distractions.

While out exploring one day, Boo Boo was hit by a car - the driver ran off without so much as stopping to check on the whimpering pup. She was severely injured and needed extensive and expensive care.

Boo Boo’s parent was overwhelmed and at their wits end so they applied to us for some assistance. They recalled wondering if they were deserving enough for the grant but felt immediate relief upon being approved because Jade was the one who deserved it.

Boo Boo is now back to her old self, exploring the world and providing support to the ones who need it most.


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