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Play Ball, Yadi!

Meet Yadi, the Buel’s first pet and the glue that holds the family together. Baseball brought Temara and her husband together, so naturally, they named him after their favorite player – Yadier Molina.

Unlike most golden retrievers, this big boy is an old soul who’s timid, relaxed, and scared of water. He radiates love and enjoys car rides, playing fetch with his jumbo tennis ball, and being a big brother to his canine and human siblings.

Yadi loves food, but coincidentally, that’s what made him sick. One day, he was vomiting uncontrollably and snubbing people's food – especially cheese, his favorite thing in the entire world. This red flag led the family to take him straight to the vet.

The Buels were wrecked over the possibility of having to put him down simply because they couldn’t afford the treatment and knew that their hearts and lives would be completely changed. Temara felt pure joy when one of our team members called to let her know that they’ve been approved for a Compassion Animal Project grant, and she feels truly grateful, blessed, and thankful for the fact that the family is being kept whole.

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