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Saving Homie

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Homie earned his name for his calm and relaxed nature, making him one of the "Homies" among the three puppies in his litter. Homie's friendly and playful personality makes him inseparable from his family. For his human mom, Cristina, her dog's happiness and loyalty became the pillars of her life. Homie's cuddles provide solace and make everything better.

However, fate turned cruelly when a larger dog attacked Homie during a walk. Homie was rushed to the emergency room where Cristina learned he suffered a fractured lower jaw, causing excruciating pain. The heartbreaking sounds of Homie’s cries filled Cristina with anguish. Uncertain of what to do because of her financial constraints, she contacted us for help, hoping for a miracle.

Recognizing the profound bond between Homie and his family, we stepped in to help fund his surgery, paving the way for his recovery.

Today, Homie basks in the love and company of his devoted mother, Cristina, and his fur family, with many more precious moments of joy and companionship to come!

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