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Small but Mighty, Juan Carlos!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Like most small dogs, Juan Carlos thinks he’s a lot bigger than he is. He loves chasing his three human siblings around while they play at the park, pass a football, goes on walks, and hog up the bed at night. The youngest can’t pronounce his full name, so the family has taken to calling him JC.

After a long day of playing with the kids, JC nestles into his mom’s neck, and the two watch some tv together. Holly jokes that she might even like him more than her kids! One day he started limping and lost the use of one of his legs – surgery was ruled as the only cure. As a single mom, Holly stressed about how she could pay for the expensive procedure needed to make him pain-free. JC’s sweet and happy personality has created such a strong bond with the family, so a life without him was unimaginable.

Once learning that JC was approved for a grant, Holly wept with relief and felt grateful that JC was given the opportunity to go back to playing with his family.


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