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Special Boy Sushi

After being picked on by older cats in his original household, this fluffy cat landed at Gypsy’s doorstep; she named him Sushi – or Zuzu for short- and the two became fast friends.

Sushi’s personality is Gypsy’s favorite thing about him. He’s lovable with everyone (both human and animal) and is never afraid to speak his mind, especially when Gypsy isn’t moving fast enough in the mornings. This food fiend never misses an opportunity to enjoy some grub and once was found buried in the dog food container.

Gypsy knew something was wrong when Sushi wasn’t meowing at her bedroom door one morning. She found him in the living room lethargic and covered in urine. Things didn’t get much better the rest of the day – despite having a big appetite, Sushi refused to eat and wouldn’t move from his water bowl.

The treatment needed to cure Sushi was more than Gypsy could afford, and without the Compassion Animal Project grant, this lovable cat would most likely have to have been put down. 

Luckily, the pair were quickly approved, and things never got that far. Gypsy vividly recalls the moment she breathed again and is grateful to have her ‘child’ healthy and back to his usual antics.

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