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Sydney is Home!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Like too many animals, Sydney started out in an overcrowded shelter with the risk of being put down after a lengthy stay. Amber noticed the happy Black Lab and decided to take her in as a foster until she found her forever home. Luckily, Sydney didn’t have to wait long - her spunky yet patient and gentle nature soon won the whole family over.

Sydney has a close bond with Amber’s daughter (whose attempt at saying ‘Sydney’ resulted in her nickname ‘Sissy’) and spends her time jumping on the trampoline, playing fetch with her toys, and running from the hairdryer. After a long day of romping around, she cuddles with her humans like a tiny lap dog.

Sydney is usually a hyper dog, “full of life,” so when she became lethargic and struggled to keep her eyes open one night, Amber knew something was wrong.

A trip to the vet resulted in the playful pup being diagnosed with Pyometra, an infection of the uterus that can be life-threatening if not promptly treated. Sydney would need an ovariohysterectomy or, more simply, to be spayed. When combined with the post-operative antibiotics and intravenous fluids, such a treatment plan was, unfortunately, more than Amber could afford.

After hearing about Compassion Animal Project, Amber promptly applied for one of our grants and cried happy tears at work when she learned she was approved. Amber shares, ‘Home wouldn’t be home without her.”


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