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We asked what the best part of owning a rat is. Here are the responses we got…

Morgan Q. touches noses with her late rat, Remy

In honor of National Rat Day, which took place on Monday, April 4th, this week’s blog celebrates rats! If you’ve ever talked to a rat owner, you will quickly learn how deeply they love these pocket-sized pets. Their curiosity, intelligence, and social capabilities are often compared to those of dogs! There’s no better way to share the joys of rat ownership than from the owners themselves; this week we asked “what is the best thing about owning a rat?” and you’ll find the response to be quite heart-warming:

"They love you as you are...."

“They love you as you are, they groom their humans, and watching them get the "zoomies" is hilarious. They know our schedule and perk up when we come home. [I also love] their unique personalities, we've had 13 rats in all and each one has their own unique personality. Of our 9 current rats, our older ones are becoming more cuddly. -Lindsay Strout

“They make amazing pets because of how intelligent they are!”

“Rats are incredibly smart and can be trained to do so many fun things. They make amazing pets because of how intelligent they are!” -Brooke E.

"Rats offer such a unique and unconditional love."

“Rats offer such a unique and unconditional love. They’re like tiny shadows that just want to play or cuddle or just eat some yogies. We only ever get a short time with them and there’s few things in life worth heartache but after 10+ years of having them, the love they bring into your life is always worth it.” - Becca W. (Photo: Christopher Lee Donovan)

“Percy chose me.”

“The best part for me is knowing Percy chose me.” -Lesa R.

"...the unending joy they bring me."

“For me, the best part about having a rat is the unending joy they bring me. Whether they're playing, being silly, using their tiny paws to hold stuff, or just cuddling me, they literally never stop bringing me happiness. As someone who lacks dopamine in my brain, my rats definitely help me through it all.” -Proti R.

"They are smarter than most people think"

“We watch TV together. She has dinner with me. We play. Just call her name and she comes. They are smarter than most people think…she curls up on my shoulder and neck and takes a nap.” -Hank Jordan

"The level of soft compassion and love they show in such short, wonderful lives." -Nerida N


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