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Welcome Home, Christopher Blue

Kelly named this bright-eyed boy Christopher Blue after his gentle nature and blue-tinged lips. He’s part of a feral group of cats whom Kelly feeds daily and decided to stick around after getting his meal.

He loves to run through the cat tunnels, play hide and seek, and rough-house with Kelly’s other cats – who she refers to as her kids rather than pets.

Christopher Blue was sick from the get-go and surprisingly allowed Kelly to pick him up and care for him. Unfortunately, Kelly soon realized it would take more than a quick triage to cure his bad cough and wheezing.

She could tell by the squint in his eyes that she had to act quickly and took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a nasal polyp or a benign growth in the nose that greatly affected his breathing and eating. The only treatment was surgery.

Kelly lacked a strong social media following and instead turned to making posters and Compassion Animal Project to help pay for Christopher Blue’s treatment. After learning he was approved for one of our grants, Kelly is feeling grateful and relieved as the adorable kitten has become part of her family.

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